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Make sure you drive carefully on the roads and look out for birds. What TripAdvisor won't tell you, is you may have to hold a ceremony for any birds you accidentally hit.


  • Fridelmar

  • Lava - In the Retreat Hotel

  • Strikid - Aykureyri

  • Kopar - Reykjavik

  • Monkeys - Reykjavik

To Do
  • Rent a car and do the Ring Road

  • Whale Watching

  • See the Puffins

  • Blue Lagoon 

  • Sky Lagoon

  • Diamond Beach

  • Black Sand Beach

  • Golden Circle

  • Eat at Fridelmar

  • The Retreat

  • Guesthouse Brekka

  • Room with a View

Fire, Ice, and Everything Nice: Iceland

I still get so many questions about this trip and I love it. Did you do your own Ring Road? Is Iceland a safe country to drive in? Did you take a trip to Mars? and the answer to all is YES! 

If you are planning your dream trip to Iceland, I would recommend DIY Ring Road Itinerary. The Ring Road follows Highway 1 (the only highway) ehich covers the entire country. If you are like me and get car sick while looking at your phone, Iceland's spectacular views and weather change every 30-minutes to keep you entertained. You will constantly feel like you are on a different planet. One minute you could be looking at snow and then the next you are staring at lava rocks. Iceland offers the perfect combination of relaxation and adventures out of this world!

Since there is so much to see in Iceland all year round, here is how I would determine the best months for the best activities. October - March is best for ice caving, glacier hikes, and the Northern Lights. If you are seeking Lupines, Puffins, and weather changing by the minute, your best bet is to travel May-August (when I went). If you prefer camping, van life, and warm hiking trails, you will want to plan your trip from April - October. And to see some of the 10,000+ waterfalls and natural hot springs Iceland has to offer, well that's year-round.

The Lagoons...

There is a big debate between the Blue Lagoon vs Sky Lagoon. Both of these lagoons are geothermal spas and popular attractions in Iceland. After experiencing both, I recommend both. The Blue Lagoon is very close to the airport and a must-do activity when you arrive after a long flight. Staying at The Retreat (the hotel at the Blue Lagoon) will make your entire experience given the modern rooms, private lagoons, and 4-step ritual spa access at any time. The Sky Lagoon is great to hit towards the end of your Ring Road trip but is set up very differently than the Blue Lagoon. The Sky Lagoon has a 7-step ritual that includes a cold plunge, one of the prettiest saunas I have ever been in, a steam room, and a rain room. Both Lagoons are warm, encourage face/body masks and you can even have a drink!

Overall, Iceland is super safe to drive through and the locals are all so helpful. Even when you accidentally hit a bird traveling on a bumpy road, the locals will leave you gloves and a note to help clean it (see pic below)! Depending on how you set up your trip, prepare to see a lot of similar menus that will be filled with Char, Rye Bread, and smoked Lamb. The Icelandic locals eat very healthy and incorporate a lot of fresh fish.

I have so many tips, tricks, and secret hot spring spots in Iceland on my Itinerary page! Get all the details here.

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