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Love Traveling, Hate Flying

Check out my flight routine and how I manage to make it through each flight.


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Love Traveling, Hate Flying

I mean let's be honest, flying isn't everyone's favorite activity. There is so much that can go wrong whether there is traffic on the way to the airport, flights being canceled and don’t even get me started on my pre-flight practice of lifting a bag over my head, for me it's always a stressful state of mind. Being crammed in a tiny chair for hours on end to get to a destination and being filled with fears of not being in control of what's happening gives me anxiety.

Airport Wine...

The only great thing about flying is an airport glass of wine to settle the nerves. Depending on where you are traveling, there's something about not feeling guilty about reading a book or watching TV for hours. The flight there > flight home. But flying won't stop us from traveling to our bucket list destinations.

As much as I would love to say even sleeping on red eyes and waking up at your destination sounds incredible but it doesn't always work like that. For my pre-travel recommendations and supplements, here is what has been working for me when traveling.

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