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My family and I introduced the sport of Lacrosse and Archery to Langkawi, Malaysia through donations. This place is so special given it's private beaches, unique cuisine, and adventurous activities.


  • Langkawi Kitchen

  • The Beach Grill Ritz Carlton

  • Tapaz

  • Scarborough Fish & Chips

To Do
  • Langkawi Sky Bridge

  • Skybridge Cable Car

  • Batu Caves

  • Jet Ski Tour through Mega Water Sports

  • Tanjung Rhu Beach

  • Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort

  • Four Seasons

  • The Ritz Carlton

  • The Datai Langkawi


Monkeying Around

Experience the dramatic background of Langkawi, Malaysia, a tropical paradise that promises an unforgettable journey. Plan your trip during the dry season from November to March to ensure you travel during the best weather time. Honestly, such a great destination for honeymoons, family trips, and the ultimate relaxation. My favorite activity in Langkawi is donating to the local towns and schools sports equipment and spending the day teaching them how to use it. When you plan your upcoming trip, feel free to reach out to for orphanages, schools, and communities in support where you can donate supplies they need.

I remember the freshest dishes here. Indulge in local delicacies that paint a vibrant tapestry of culture, or savor the day's fresh catch at Scarborough Fish & Chips, a true culinary delight. For an upscale dining affair, The Beach Grill at Ritz Carlton offers exquisite dishes against the backdrop of the sea.

Finding your haven at Four Seasons Langkawi is akin to discovering a slice of heaven. The expansive property, with its private beaches and panoramic views, beckons you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and tranquility. It's one of my favorite Four Seasons to stay in. Revel in the openness of the space, relishing the immersive experience of being surrounded by nature's beauty at every turn. If you are looking to stay at another part of the island, then I we were debating between also staying at The Ritz-Carlton or The Datai Langkawi. Both are located on the southwest side of the island but the properties look amazing!

More Than Beaches...

While the Langkawi Sky Bridge offers breathtaking views, it's the immersive experiences that truly make this island unforgettable. Discover the heart of Langkawi through its vibrant markets, verdant landscapes, and authentic interactions with locals. There are thousands of local hiking trails along this island that are incomparable. The blend of adventure and relaxation, nature and culture, ensures Langkawi leaves an indelible mark on your travel memoirs.

Langkawi's charm isn't limited to its serene beaches and luxurious accommodations. You must make a reservation for a jet ski tour with Mega Water Sports, where you'll explore the turquoise waters and island hop, all while making friends with playful monkeys on the beach and uncovering hidden lookout spots through exhilarating hikes. TIP: respect the monkey's space because they will take food and personal items from you (I know from personal experience). If you ever find yourself needing to get out of a brawl, run into the water ha! Overall, I am counting down the days until I can return back to Malaysia given how insane the scenery is.

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