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Mexico City

Do you need any recommendations or itinerary for Cabo? I don’t think so. Let me tell you about Mexico City and why you must add this to your upcoming travels.



◦        Huset

◦        Casa Virginia

◦        Suntory del valle

◦        Limosneros

◦        Azul historico

◦        El Parnita

◦        Balcon Del Zocalo

◦        Toledo

◦        Cafe nin

◦        Eno

◦        Santo

◦        Rosetta

◦        Beluga 

◦        El Faron

◦        Chambau

◦        Pugal

◦        Paramo


◦        Tokyo music bar

◦        Casa franca

◦        Can an bar

◦        Fifty mils

◦        La clandestina

To Do

◦        Teotihucan Ruins

◦        Galleries

◦        Xochimilco Floating market

◦        Parque mexico

◦        Get drinks at Toledo Rooftop

◦        Tolantongo springs

◦        Go out to Gin Gin

◦        Speakeasy: Xaman

◦        Basque de Chapultepe

◦        Zocalo Historical square

◦        China Town


◦         NH collection

◦         Umbral

◦         Ritz Carlton

◦         Gran Hotel

◦         Brickhotel 

◦         Hotel Marquis

◦         Sofitel Mexico City


6th Biggest City In The World

Weekending in Mexico is becoming my favorite hobby. When planning, I always leave room for spontaneity but for this vacation, I thought I had my itinerary locked down. I was so wrong! There is an overwhelming amount of activities to do that cannot be completed in one weekend or one whole trip. We are staying in Condesa for a couple of days to sightsee, eat, drink, and explore our way through the city. My friends would call it "a quick ZINGER" of a weekend. My recommendation would be to stay in Polanco or La Condesa and you can choose your preference of the many Airbnb or hotels. Both are super-safe towns and close to major attractions.

The biggest surprise to visiting Mexico City - the altitude! We would be walking around on the flat ground playing a game of "Who Can Catch Their Breath First?" and it took us a few hours to realize the elevation. Known as the capital of Mexico but also called "Mile High City" since it's one mile above sea level. Make sure you hydrate because it makes you feel like you are hiking in the mountains just walking around this city. But on the positive side, you get tipsy quicker :).

For Activities...

Each day I always plan to do one big activity whether it is walking around Basque de Chapultepe (does not take credit cards) or Zocalo Historical Square, we try to break it up with quick tacos or rooftop drinks. I have friends who also recommend spending a day at the Xochimilco Floating Market. You can reserve a trajinera boat to explore the Xochimilco Canals. The tranjinera's are colorful boats with music blasting and you can spend a couple of hours exploring on them. 

Have you ever seen "Heavenly Bites" on Netflix? This culinary masterpiece takes you on a journey through Mexico City's street food scene that's so immersive, you'll practically smell the sizzling tacos through the screen. For the restaurants listed on the show and on my recommendation list, make sure you make reservations or show up before they open. The must-try restaurants are Beluga, Chambau, and Pujol. Being a foodie, there are still so many places to try because of how well-known the food and culture are in Mexico City.

You deserve to be Gone, let me plan your next vacation!

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