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Paris offers iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral providing a visually stunning backdrop. The city's charming streets, world-class cuisine, and vibrant arts scene create an unforgettable experience.


  • Buddha Bar

  • Le Train Bleau

  • Chez Janou

  • Bambini

  • Le Calife

  • Cafe Carette

  • Le Brebant

  • Le Refuge des Fondue

  • Epicure

  • Kong

  • Maison Revka

  • Au Pied du Cochon

  • La Fontaine de Mars

  • Cafe Kleber

To Do
  • Lourve Museum

  • Eiffel Tower

  • Shop in La Marais

  • Notre Dame

  • The Palace of Versailies

  • Sainte-Chapelle

  • Luxembourg Gardens

  • Walk through Montmatre

  • Mussee d'Orsay

  • Arc de Trimphe

  • Rue de L'Abreuvoir

  • Shop Saint Germaine's

  • The Hoxton

  • Les Bains

  • Sinner Paris

  • Maison Proust

  • La Chambre de Marais

  • L'Hotel

  • Hotel Adele & Jules

  • Hotel Des Grands Boulevards

  • Le Pavillion De La Reine

  • Hotel Alfred Sommier


Paris is Always a Good Idea

When I think of traveling back to Paris, I picture myself sitting on the grass near the Eiffel Tower with a bottle of wine and a baguette or sipping a rich espresso with a side chocolate croissant at a cozy café. Did that just send chills down your back like it did to mine? You get the vibe. Paris must be one of the most desirable places when you think of traveling to Europe. Whether you're planning an escape with friends, family, or a special someone, the City of Paris promises an unforgettable experience that caters to all types.

Let's talk about the m*****f****** Eiffel Tower. We all know who she is, what she is, where she is etc. I didn't hike up it because I don't exercise at unnecessary times but picnicking in Le Parc Du Champ-de Mars with the views is a must. And if you miss it during the day, the Eiffel Tower is even prettier at night (my preferred time) when it has a light show going from sunset - 1 am. The light show is purposefully to take a moment to remember your loved ones. A tip: the new trend is walking 15 minutes to Place Du Trocadéro to get that Instagram picture across the water.

My top locations for pictures of the Eiffel Tower & no one in the background:

  • Avenue de New York

  • Port Debilly 

  • Parvais des Libertes

  • Pont d'lena (go down the stairs)

It's challenging picking the most perfect hotel to stay in because there are so many amazing ones. You truly can't go wrong with the French details in each room. My personal favorite is to stay in Le Marais area given that you are surrounded by hip boutiques, restaurants, bars, and galleries. Paris is pretty spread out so I would recommend taking a look at all of the priorities on your itinerary and picking a place close to them so it's not too much back and forth.

Ideal Itinerary 

In one day, I would recommend tackling the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame church. I could spend 2+ hours in the museum, it's truly spectacular and the Mona Lisa is a must-see. If you don't know yet - the painting is smaller than you think but it’s a surreal experience waiting in line to see her. Seeing the Crown Jewels and The Napoleon Apartments in the Louvre is insane.  If you have an extra day, I would recommend going to the Palace of Versailles and renting a golf cart ahead of time to get around.

Somehow, I get really lucky every time in Paris when it comes to shopping. Champs Élysées stretches for almost a mile through the swanky 8th arrondissement and is the most famous shopping avenue in Paris. Anywhere from thrift stores to expensive brands, it's a great location to find a one-of-a-kind piece to pack in your suitcase. My new favorite location for shopping is Sainte Germaine's.

Typically, I like to think of myself as a travel blogger who knows all the trending but not touristy things to do in a city when traveling. However, you have to see all the sites in Paris and try some of the mainstream sites and restaurants. One of my favorite places to eat is Pink Mama because of the garden vibe, wide variety of options on the menu, and the speakeasy at the bottom of the 4th floor. I suggest you make a reservation ahead of time. The picture-perfect restaurant is a tie between Bambini and Le Train Bleu and they have yummy food. As for my most recent trip, I loved the entire experience of eating at Cafe Kleber with their baked escargot. Paris is perfect all year round with so much to do, see and eat. 

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