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San Diego

Living my whole life in California, I have decided San Diego is my favorite city out of all of them. I promise I'm not being biased ◡̈




◦ Shelter (club only)

◦ Home and away

◦ Pina

◦ Union 


◦ Herb & Sea 

◦ Union 

◦ Temaki sushi 


◦ Buena Forchetta

◦ Valentina’s

◦ Solterra 

Del Mar

◦ Monarch

◦ The Brigantine 

◦ Viewpoint

◦ Pacifica

◦ Tamarindo 

◦ Jakes Del Mar

◦ Poseidon 

La Jolla

◦ Catania 

◦ George’s on the rocks

◦ Cowboys and mermaids

◦ Wheat n water

◦ Marisi

◦ Queenstown

◦ Dukes 

◦ Paradisea

Pacific Beach Bars

◦ Mavericks 

◦ Firehouse

◦ Grass skirt 

◦ Captains Quarters

◦ Flamingo Deck

◦ El Prez 

◦ The Local 

◦ Tower 23 

◦ Costa Brava 

◦ The Fishery

◦ Waterbar


◦ YoungBlood 

◦ Noble Experiment 

◦ Mothership 

◦ Room 56 

◦ Lumi 

◦ Camino Rivera

◦ Kettner exchange

◦ Butchers Cut

◦ Lafayette Hotel 

◦ Seneca rooftop

◦ Nolan rooftop 

◦ Nolita Hall 

◦ Coasterra 

◦ Zama


◦ Bang bang

◦ Nova

◦ Bloom

◦ Oxford

To Do

◦ There's so much to do based off each town, DM if you have any questions


◦ The Fairmont Grand Del Mar

◦ Torrey Pines Lodge

◦Rancho Valencia Resort

◦Hilton Bay Front

◦The Hard Rock Downtown

◦ Alila Marea


Ocean Dips in December - Check Out My Home!

Calling San Diego home for the past 23 years is such a gift. Living in California allows me to be on the beach, the desert, and the mountains all within the same day. There is always so much happening and new things to explore. You wouldn't even be able to cover all the gems in each town over just a weekend trip. My typical weekend consists of chilling on the beach in La Jolla, splurging at the farmers market downtown, going out for a sunset drink in Encinitas, or listening to live music at the Del Mar Plaza. Even after spending all my life here, there is still so much on my list to go do.

San Diego is a really amazing place that's worth checking out. Year-round, we have the best weather staying sunny at 75 degrees which allows taking ocean dips in December. Perfect weather for kayaking around Coronado Beach, playing golf at Torrey Pines, and if you're into animals, the San Diego Zoo is famously known across the country. I know a lot of tourists who travel to San Diego solely for the insane food and being right on the water. There are so many restaurants I have included on my recommendations list, given that San Diego has an array of different types of food.

Fun Facts...

  1. Weather Paradise: San Diego is renowned for its near-perfect weather, often referred to as "America's Finest City." It boasts a Mediterranean climate with mild, sunny temperatures year-round.

  2. Zoo Gem: The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous and largest zoos in the world. It's home to over 3,500 animals representing more than 650 species and has pioneered the concept of open-air, cageless exhibits.

  3. Comic-Con Capital: San Diego hosts the iconic Comic-Con International, one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe.

  4. Home of Top Gun: The movie "Top Gun," starring Tom Cruise, was filmed at Naval Air Station Miramar in San Diego. The popularity of the film has led to the nickname "Top Gun City."

  5. Birthplace of California: San Diego is often referred to as the "Birthplace of California," as it was the first place European settlers landed in California in 1769.

  6. Tijuana Connection: San Diego shares a border with Tijuana, Mexico. Travel an hour across the border and you will reach 300 wineries in Valle de Guadalupe

  7. Aviation Heritage: The San Diego area has a rich aviation history, with several aircraft manufacturers and research facilities. It's where aviation pioneers like Charles Lindbergh and John Montgomery conducted important work.

  8. Beach Bliss: With over 70 miles of coastline, San Diego is a beach lover's paradise. Some popular beaches include Mission Beach, La Jolla Cove, and Del Mar Beach.

  9. Craft Beer Haven: The city has a vibrant craft beer scene, with over 150 breweries. It's been dubbed the "Craft Beer Capital of America." Viewpoint is one of my favorite breweries in Del Mar. 

  10. U.S. Navy Presence: San Diego is home to the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet. The city has a strong military presence and is a significant hub for naval operations.

  11. Balboa Park Beauty: Balboa Park is a cultural oasis, home to numerous museums, gardens, and the renowned Old Globe Theatre. It also hosted the Panama-California Exposition in 1915-1916.

  12. Surfing Hub: San Diego is a popular destination for surfers, with many great surfing spots along its coastline, including Swami's, Black's Beach, and Tourmaline Surfing Park.

  13. Innovative Hub: The city has a growing reputation as a hub for innovation and technology, with many tech companies and startups calling it home.

  14. Whale Watching: San Diego is a prime spot for whale watching, especially during the gray whale migration season, which typically occurs from December to April.

  15. Historic Gaslamp Quarter: The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego is known for its Victorian architecture, vibrant nightlife, and a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Overall, San Diego is a super cool place with beaches, culture, and good food, making it a perfect destination for a great time. Check out my itinerary for a perfect weekend in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, where you can drive 2 hours from San Diego.

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