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San Francisco

From cable cars to riding bikes to the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco offers so much for a fun weekend vacation. Check out a local guide and recommendations


  • Tartine Manufactory

  • Marengo

  • The House

  • Blackwood

  • Elephant sushi

  • Freds

  • Chinatown

  • Marlowe off 4th

  • Trailblazer tavern

  • Ozumo

  • Bix

  • Delarosa

  • Golden Gate Bakery

  • Mamanoko

  • Roma Antica

  • Mccormick ‘s and Kuleto’s

  • The Dorian

  • Balboa cafe

  • The Slanted Door

To Do
  • Shop on Chestnut/Union/Fillmore St.

  • Battery Spencer

  • Walk Fisherman’s Warth

  • Fort Mason food truck

  • Sutro bath

  • Dolores Park

  • Treasure island festival

  • Golden Gate Park

  • Ferry Building food market

  • Wine tasting in Napa

  • Conservative of Flowers

  • Japanese Tea Garden

  • Twin Peaks

  • Haight St

  • Full house

  • Picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts

  • Ride bikes across the bridge to Sausalito

  • Fairmont San Francisco

  • Palace Hotel

  • Marriot Marquis

  • Hotel Niko


It's SF not San Fran

Welcome to the local guide for San Francisco baby! Being born in San Francisco and going back to live in the Marina in my early twenties makes this city feel like home. It's crazy to have spent 5+ years & traveling to friends on the weekend but I still haven't covered half the city. San Francisco will always save something for the next time you visit. The 7 miles by 7 miles city may seem small but each neighborhood is so unique. Some of my favorite parts are even outside of the city by Saulcilto, Tiburon, and Mountain View. Whether you are heading out on a weekend trip in the city or extending outside to different towns, there is plenty to do to keep you busy. So let's get into it!

Crafting the ideal itinerary would be to spend the weekdays in the city and when it comes time for the weekend, head up to Napa for some wine tasting at Miner or Domain Chandon. For some highlight of must-dos in the city start just walking up and down Union St. or Chestnut. There are so many shops and yummy restaurants to keep yourself entertained. The beauty of San Francisco lies in all the gorgeous architecture like the Palace of Fine Arts and The Golden Gate Bridge. I love riding bikes around both places or having a picnic with friends near them. Even Golden Gate Park is stunning to drive around or visit the gardens inside of it because you will realize there is so much greenery for it being a major city. Out on the water, of course, you have the infamous Alcatraz which is always so entertaining to visit and learn about life back then when it was a live prison. It's a one-and-done activity but worth it. Lastly, a MUST is riding bikes from the Ferry Building along the water to Fisherman's Warf. You can grab lunch in Marina or at Fort Mason after and it's what I miss most.

The Foggy City...

When it comes to planning a trip and looking for towns to stay in, it all depends on what you are looking for. I typically stay in the Marina or Pacific Heights but Russian Hill and North Beach would be my recommendation outside of those two. As I said, the city is 7 miles by 7 miles so it is really easy to get around, and anywhere you stay will be convenient. Every building or apartment complex is stacked on top of each other which makes long walks after work entertaining. Depending on the time of year you go, you may want to stay closer to the water in fall time because all summer long it's foggy.

If you are a foodie, San Francisco is known to have one of the oldest Chinatowns which is my favorite food-hopping town. Every time I go I crave any type of Asian food. Most of my food rec lists in San Francisco are Chinese or sushi restaurants ha. I recently got introduced to Mamanoko on Chestnut St. and it has been added to the routine as an every-time booked reservation. I also recommend catching a vibe at any rooftop restaurant for a view with a cocktail in hand. It is so easy to bar or restaurant hop on the weekends if you head into the weekend with open plans. Definitely worth seeing this city that is perfect for sightseeing, hopping on cable cars, and eating delicious food.

You deserve to be Gone, let me plan your next vacation!

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