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San Pedro

The 3 top activities when traveling to San Pedro are renting a golf cart, eating dinner at Truck Stop, and staying at the Hilton Mahogany Bay.


  • Hidden Treasure

  • Elvies

  • Truck Stop

  • 303 Belize

  • Palapa Bar

  • Secret Beach

To Do
  • Fishing trip

  • Snorkeling with Sharks

  • Rent golf cart

  • Bar hop at Secret Beach

  • Truck Stop for Dinner

  • Rent a boat for the day

  • Hilton Mahogany Bay

  • Las Terrazas Belize Resort


Discovering Paradise on Belize's Picture-Perfect Islands

I feel like I'm 12 again calling dibs on who gets to drive the golf cart to the next beach bar. San Pedro is one of the prettiest islands in Belize where everyone travels by golf cart, eats fresh fish, and gets their tan on. I am flying from San Ignacio, Belize to the San Pedro but you can also take a ferry that takes an hour. Once I arrive, I immediately want a rum punch and to be sitting my butt on a beach. Coming from constant humidity and rain, the weather in San Pedro is incredibly warm and the water is so refreshing.

The Private Beach...

Make sure you book the Hilton Mahogany Bay in advance because it sells out quickly and will make your whole experience. If the Hilton is sold out by the time you book, I have some friends staying at Las Terrazas Belize Resort and say it's awesome! The Hilton Villas come with a golf cart and the location privately lays at the end of the island. I set up my own snorkeling with sharks and fishing trip outside of the hotel but it doesn't matter which company you use since they all go to the same spot. Listen here for the biggest reason to stay at the Hilton; They have their own private beach bay. It comes with cabanas (need a reservation), a restaurant, beach toys/sports, hammocks, and more. The best place to post up and get lost in a book. You can only access this bay if you stay with Hilton FYI.

Outside of the hotel amenities, you can take golf carts to Secret Beach. I suggest spending a full day here to enjoy the beach clubs, food, and water toys. The drive is magical and there is so much to see. The island is building multiple resorts near Secret Beach so if you need any more resort ideas, I would look there. On my way back, I hit a few of the overwater restaurants which is such a vibe. 303 is owned by a man from Colorado who happens to be there at the same time and they have fun swing sets in front for your Instagram moment. A must-visit over-water restaurant is Palapa Bar where they string your beer and food through a zipline and you can eat on inner tubes in the ocean. Palapa Bar has some of the best fish tacos in my opinion You truly cannot go wrong with the fresh food and island vibes here.

The island part of Belize makes the entire trip! 10/10 recommend this trip for all ages.

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