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One of the most futuristic locations that you must add to your bucket list. Tokyo is a must annual visit year-round.


  • Sukiyahashi Jiro

  • L'Effervescence

  • Narisawa

  • Sushi Yuu

  • Anywhere in the station

To Do
  • Golden Gai

  • Piss Alley

  • TeamLab experience

  • Shibuya Crossing

  • Sensō-ji temple

  • Tsukiji Market

  • Hotel Sunroute Ginza

  • Hoshinoya Tokyo

  • Remm Tokyo Kyobashi

  • The Okura Tokyo

  • Tokyo Station Hotel

The Biggest City in the World

A trip to the biggest city in the world? Count me in! Tokyo is known for its advanced technology, street fashion, anime culture, and cherry blossom trees. This vacation should not be overlooked. I feel like Japan makes you return home with a new mindset and approach to life after spending time in their respectful culture. Everything makes sense here and I cannot wait for my return back. If only I could speak the language, I would buy a one-way ticket and live there permanently.

For day 1, we immediately head to teamLAB to experience one of the coolest museums in the world. Even the area around the museum is futuristic. It's an art museum that is interactive where you walk in and out of rooms that have vastly different concepts. This is hands down the most fun I've ever had at a museum. I don't want to give too many surprises away but make sure you dress accordingly and book tickets in advance. Make sure to take your time through the museum since you can only enter once and can't go back.

Let's not forget about the food either! They are globally known for having some of the best food. Our first meal is in Golden Gai where you can bar and food hop into these tiny little restaurants. Piss Alley is a similar vibe so you don't have to go to both if you don’t want to. Everywhere you walk, there is some of the freshest sashimi, yummiest ramen, and cleanest Wagyu. A friend told me to pick a building anywhere in the city to spend a day eating and drinking through it on different levels which is a super fun activity. It is too hard to pick my favorite meal because everything is too good.

This city...

No visit to Tokyo would be complete without standing at the bustling epicenter of Shibuya Crossing. Witness the mesmerizing symphony of pedestrians as they crisscross in a synchronized dance across this intersection. There are lots of fun restaurants surrounding the area and famous ramen joints. My last recommendation of must-dos in Tokyo would be to spend time through the Tsukiji Market. Your mind will be blown at how many things you are unfamiliar with that are so normal in this city.

Tokyo is a very safe and electric city to travel to. If you get the chance, I would highly suggest spending time here. It can definitely be overwhelming with the amount of people constantly around you but there is a beauty to it. Many people will need reservations or don't take them at all so plan accordingly. Literally counting down the days until I return next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

You deserve to be Gone, let me plan your next vacation!

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