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Start planning your ski trip to 2 countries in one day. Switzerland gives you the opportunity to eat fondue while skiing next to the Matterhorn.


  • Restaurant Enzian

  • Adler Hitta

  • Restaurant Schaferstube

  • Chez Heini

  • Old Zermatt

  • Chez Vrony

To Do
  • Ski to Italy or France

  • Dog Sledding

  • Gornergrat Railway

  • Skiing

  • Snowshoeing

  • Paragliding

  • Matterhorn Views

  • Eldweiss Trail

  • The Omnia

  • Overlook Lodge by Cervo

  • Hotel Tanhof

  • La Couronne


Swiss Cheese > Any Other Cheese

Zermatt is known as one of the more popular Ski towns in Switzerland but maybe all of Europe. There is plenty to do during both seasons but I prefer winter. There is nothing like the Matterhorn covered in snow. You can see the mountain from skiing down below, from most restaurants, or if skiing isn't your thing, the gondola has spectacular views too!

An attractive feature of Switzerland in general is you can ski to 2 different countries in one day. You can either ski from Switzerland to France or Switzerland to Italy. I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to ski in one day to 2 countries but I have been to all mountains on separate trips which makes it totally worth it! If you decide to travel to two countries in one run, you must double-check the ski guidelines and passes. I do believe the Matterhorn Ski Pass covers both countries but I would make sure to bring your passport as well!

Back in 2014, it was my first time in Switzerland and I decided to go skiing with a group of kids staying at the same hotel as me and my friends. I didn't have any gear or passes but knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hit the slopes in Europe for my first time. The way the mountain and runs flow is very different than America. The runs tend to all clash together and have lots of off-terrain that you are able to ride. I would recommend it for all level riders.

But The Fondue...

Of course, being in Switzerland, you must think about getting fondue and raclette everywhere you go. That includes on-the-mountain, very boujee lunch settings. In case you aren't aware, raclette is a Swiss dish of cheese usually eaten with potatoes. My preference is melting the Raclette on bread and making a sandwich out of it. Nowhere else compares to the experience and the type of cheese. My family and I always make sure to make a reservation with a raclette machine so we can rate the best scoop. So competitive I know.

If you decide to travel during the off-season of Summer, I highly recommend the Edelweiss Trail which is a 2-mile loop. Another favorite is the 5 Lakes Hike which is stunning. You will walk along 5 different hikes which takes around 3 hours to complete. It can be pretty warm so make sure you pack appropriately. Switzerland year round is a must-see destination and hands down in my top 3 favorite countries. Stay tuned for the other 3 cities I have traveled to in other posts!

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