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San Ignacio

We hiked through the famous ATM cave that people are notorious for getting stuck in. Get ready to get muddy and climb on all fours through the infamous cave.


  • Guava Limb

  • Erva’s 

  • Hanna’s

To Do

  • Jungle night hike

  • Plant tour

  • Hit the tennis courts

  • Medicinal tea time

  • Hike Caracol Mayan Ruins

  • San Ignacio Resort Hotel


A Journey into Ancient Ruins

In total honesty, Belize had never been on my list of must-visit places. I didn't know too many people who have traveled there or even know its location on a map. We traveled there for two weeks, and even then, I felt like there was so much more to explore in Belize. The people were so welcoming, and eager to ensure visitors traveled back with friends. Let's first start with the jungle side of Belize in San Ignacio.

When thinking back to amazing family trips to go on, San Ignacio is top of mind. We stayed at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. The hotel was perfect for all ages and excelled in customer service, catering to its guests' needs. Each morning, they had breakfast set up as we requested, at whatever time we wanted. The suite we stayed in made me feel like I was in the middle of the jungle, even though the town was just a quick 5-minute walk down the street. My family and I participated in almost all the activities the hotel offered, from medicinal tea tours to jungle night hikes (bring bug spray), and even my parents renewed their vows with a shaman. It was such an incredible start to the trip.

The Activities...

If you were looking to take any day trips outside the town of San Ignacio, there were two excursions I highly encourage you to participate in. Hiking the Caracol Mayan Ruins and learning how their community survived off the land was so unique. There were still many remains from the tribe's temples, gathering ceremonies, homes, and celebration center. You could also see Guatemala from the top of one of the ruins! Afterward, we went off-roading to their formerly known watering hole and swam under a waterfall. The only warning for this activity was if you got car sick easily, I would bring some medicine, since there were so many windy and bumpy roads.

The only other day trip that I recommended was the ATM cave tour. Our tour guide, Jam Jam, was such a character and made the entire experience memorable. You first had to swim across a river to get to the caves where you climbed up, down, around, and through rocks. Be prepared with hiking shoes, clothes that would get soaked, and for claustrophobic spaces. The ATM cave was discovered by the Mayas in AD 300 - 600. It wasn't until later in life that they went deeper into the cave to perform their spiritual ceremonies. Unfortunately, there are only certain times of the year when you were allowed to hike through the cave, given that during flood season, it can be too dangerous to climb in there. Overall, San Ignacio was a very adventurous place to start our trip, but now it was time for relaxation in San Pedro.

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